Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Dangerous Salad

Yesterday for lunch I wanted a salad. Boy, did it look yummy! A perfect day, warm and comfortable, sunny, and nice wind blowing. I usually sit in my car at lunch to just get away and do some quiet brainstorming or reading. It doesn't get better than this.

So, I took my very first bite of mixed greens and bit on something hard! I maneuvered it around until I could grab it and...it was a piece of tooth. A large piece of tooth. At first I was grossed out and ready to go back to the restaurant and demand my money back. Then...I remembered that cracked molar that I've been ignoring for a year and a half.

Wiggled tongue around in mouth and felt the sharp edges of broken tooth. Argh! The only good thing is it isn't causing any pain. Well, unless you count the place where my tongue comes in contact and is irritated.

Today will consist of a trip to the dentist. Now I'm only hoping they can get it crowned before RWA National, but there's little hope for that. Temporary caps and I do not get along.

And, I have a headache so going to the dentist does not bode well for me today.

On a lighter note, I just might stay home today and write. I'm not good with dentists, numbing meds, drilling, and swollen face. I suppose I could write this into my manuscript somehow. Maybe torturing one of my characters will make me feel better.

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