Friday, June 05, 2009

Hypnotherapy--I'm Convinced

Four weeks, three sessions, and six-and-a-half pounds lighter. I love the new me. Not the outside me, but the inside me. Taking the hypnotherapy along with having all the stress in my life has helped to heal me internally. Believe it or not, I'm able to handle stress without going overboard and beating myself up, or shall I say, eating myself to death. Perhaps it comes from my upbringing where food became a balm to soothe hurts and tears.

Going through this hypnosis has given me a new lease on my emotions and why I eat. Now I'm in control, not food. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, BUT, I seem to only want to eat at meal times. I'm satisfied easier, and I eat less and I'm not having the horrible bouts of heartburn any longer. I don't snack or cram down a whole bag of chips. Every day I make progress, and it's a "whole-body" experience.

I'll give another report a month from now. If any of you reading this blog is having a problem with weight, smoking, or anything you can't control, I highly suggest checking out hypnotherapy. Just make sure you find someone who is legit and comes highly recommended.

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