Thursday, June 25, 2009

Press Kit...Media...Pictures

I don't look like that! I'm the picture taker in our family, so rarely do I show up in any of our family shots. But when I do, I look like a dork!! I swear I don't look like those pictures. *sigh*

Now I need to put together a press kit, complete with picture. So, what's a gal to do? I understand there are copyright issues when you have your pictures made professionally and you aren't allowed to publish them. I'd rather not get into the issue, thank you very much.

I could ask my hubby to take a picture, but then I'd be headless. Trust me, the part below the head is much worse than the full face.

That leaves me to doing some creative things with the timer on my camera. The problem is getting it set up just right and the lighting just right and body angle just right and...

Forget it. I think I'll just use my cat's picture. After all, I'm a suspense writer. Why not keep the readers in suspense as to what I really look like!

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