Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Books and People Everywhere!!!

What fun! My day started at 5:30 am today. I spent time writing before getting ready to head down to the Leadership Retreat. The attendees of the retreat received a very nice manicure and grooming set and a thumb drive with Harlequin books to read! When I reached for my free gift I noticed it had a maroon dot on it, so I thought maybe it was for something special...namely not me. So I took the one next to it without the dot. Geesh, smack me upside the head with a big sausage! The person who had that gift won a Sony e-Reader!!!! Not a good way to start my day. : (

The retreat was a day filled with governance information, how to's, IRS regulations, and a nice lunch with a presentation by Heart of Dixie Romance Writers. I actually got to see Linda Howard up close and personal!

The literacy booksigning at 5:30 was beyond description. Five hundred authors and a bazillion more readers all crammed into one room! Luckily the authors were lined up alphabetically, making it easier to get to the ones I wanted to see. I really wish I hadn't been too tired to stand in Debbie Macomber's long line.

After leaving the literacy booksigning with three new purchased books, I met with fellow COFW member, Kris Branch, for dinner. We ran into Rhonda Penders, co-owner of The Wild Rose Press coming off the escalator. She recommended a little pub across the street from the hotel for good food at reasonable prices. Great recommendation!

Now I'm back in my room, tired, and wishing I had the energy to type up all the stuff I gleaned from the meeting today.

Tomorrow's events begin at 9am! So, it's off to bed for me.

Looking forward to posting pictures of the literacy booksigning. It's so interesting to see a sea of heads. LOL!

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