Monday, August 31, 2009

Right-Left Challenged, But What Does This Mean?

I admit I am "right-left" challenged. If someone tells me to turn left or look left, I will turn right or look right...and vice versa. I don't know why. I DO know which is my left side and which is my right side. There's just a disconnect in my brain when it hears these words.

I've taken various tests and I have what they call a balanced brain, meaning I'm not left brained, or right brained, but smack dab in the middle. Could this have something to do with my problem? Maybe, maybe not. I prefer to think that when this happens, I'm usually driving and busy having a conversation with whomever is in the passenger seat...thus I'm distracted.

BUT, what does this mean?

My friend bought these fabulous footies. They are lace with pretty elastic and come in nude, black, and various colors. I loved them when I saw them and just had to buy a pair, because she said they stay on your feet without sliding down! The first day I wore mine, the heels slipped into my shoes. Annoying. No matter how high I stretched them above the heel of my shoes, they kept riding down until I was walking on them. Ugh!

I tried a different pair the next day. One stayed on my right foot, the other slipped down. Hmmm. So I switched the footies on my feet. Guess what? Now the one on my left foot slipped down. What??

I looked them over very carefully. Hmm. Seems I had put the one footie on backwards...or what I thought was backwards. See, one side seemed to allow more room for the toes. Wrong. That end was for the heels. Now I wear my footies with great joy. No longer do they slip down.

So, what is this disconnect in my brain?

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