Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In An Envelope of Treasures

When my mother moved in with us, she brought a bag of cards which had been given to my father over the years. Some from her, some from me or my children. I found letters written by the kids and they were so adorable.

One that really made me smile was a letter from my son. He had asked, "Do you like riddles?" He proceeded to write the riddle and off to the left side he drew a picture. The picture depicted the answer.

What is red and can walk through walls? The picture was a red ghost...a sunburned ghost?

The one that stumped me was: Why did the elephant sit on the marshmallow? He had drawn a cup with a spoon sticking out and all I could think was it had something to do with hot chocolate.

If anyone reading this knows the answer, please post it! I'd love to know.

Hope you have many reasons to smile today, and be sure and share that smile with others. How can you feel sad with a smile on your face?

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