Friday, October 16, 2009

What's Not to Love About Garth Brooks?

Garth may be one of the most talked about music artists of the day. He's made mistakes. He's owned up to them. And he continues to sell records, even after his retirement in 2000. He's not one of my favorite country artists as far as his music goes, but he's got terrific marketing skills AND he's a man of conviction.

He retired to spend more time with his children and said he wouldn't come out of retirement until they were grown. It appears he's cut a deal to appear in Las Vegas fifteen weeks out of the year, mostly on Friday through Sunday. He won't be putting on a huge stage show like his tours. Instead, it will be Garth, his guitar, and occasionally a guest or so. The deal includes a private jet which will allow Garth to fly to and from his gigs to enable him to still spend a lot of time with his girls. It appears the entire family has agreed, his current wife, Trisha Yearwood, his ex-wife Sandy Mahl, and his three girls.

What's not to love about a man who made a commitment to step out of the limelight when he was at the top of the billboard charts? When his private life went up for public scrutiny he stepped aside so that he could spend quality time with the family he wanted to protect and support. He kept his word and he has spent the last nine years immersing himself in his children's lives. I admire him for that. He's built a strong family framework and continued to market himself with occasional public appearances and record releases. Each was a stroke of marketing genius, no matter the controversy.

No wonder the hotel owner jumped at the chance to purchase a private jet for Garth Brooks. He will get his money back many times over. Garth is back.

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