Friday, October 30, 2009

What's Not to Love About a Harriet Carter Catalog?

Usually my hubby gets the mail and throws away things he believes are junk. I love to look at all the little catalogs which come my way. Yesterday I managed to salvage the latest Harriet Carter catalog.

Page after page, I find all these unique things which call me to spend money. On page 3, I found a neat cell phone wallet. How neat! I can carry my cell phone and leave my purse behind for those quick trips. That really makes me want to spend $9.98. And on page 7, how about a non-stick oven liner? A reusable fiberglass mat which catches the messy drips and comes out to wipe clean. Wow! I NEED one of those.

I have sons who have a very strange sense of humor. I found a perfect gift that they would really get a kick out of. However, they wouldn't like to receive it...but they'd love to give it. They're funny that way. Anyway, on page 37, I found a "Fanny" bank. It's this cute little pair of blue pants with butt cheeks shining upward. The slot for dropping money is placed strategically. When you drop in a coin, the bank breaks wind.

Now what's not to love about browsing through such a fun catalog?

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