Friday, October 02, 2009

What's Not to Love About October?

October begins my favorite season of the year. It's time for the hot, sticky summer days to mellow into cooler, brisker weather. Leaves turn from green to beautiful neon yellow and orange, painting a breathtaking view everywhere I look. I love to walk outdoors and feel the cool air against my face, tingling my cheeks as they blush from the kiss of autumn.

October is the month before the frantic rush of the holiday season, when people get caught up in cooking, cleaning, and frenzy purchases.

October is the month of Halloween. Many people are skeptical about Halloween and many are prejudiced. But, me? I love Halloween.

c. Carol Ann Erhardt

Halloween is called a scary night,
Where ghosts and goblins give a fright!
When witches ride on magic brooms,
And mummies rise from darkened tombs!

Black cats howl throughout the night,
And monster eyes watch glowing bright!
Bats fly low and pumpkins roll,
The headless horseman in control.

But this is just a myth I swear,
There’s nothing that you need beware.
Beneath those costumes, children smile,
Gathering candy all the while.

Soft and cuddly, black silk fur,
Is the cat you see, who loves to purr.
I know there’s nothing bad to be seen,
For I was born on Halloween!

Now what's not to love about that?

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Maggie Toussaint said...

HI Carol Ann,

I've missed seeing you around on the loops, but that could be my fault as I don't frequent so many loops these days.

I'm a fall gal too. I like the advent of cooler weather, the time of gathering in, and reflecting on the year. It gives me a much needed perspective every year.


Maggie Toussaint