Monday, November 23, 2009

Dark Villains and Romance

It's no secret that I am addicted to reading about murder and serial killers. Where did this love of the dark, twisted minds come from? I used to read nothing but romance o the high seas or gothic romance. I suppose while the mystery and suspense were a part of these stories, I began to gravitate to the modern romance thrillers. I'm fascinated with how the psyche of these dark villains.

I suppose once being in an abusive marriage with a man who was not only paranoid schizophrenic, but also manic depressive has something to do with it. During college, my favorite courses were psychology. I loved studying about the different types of personalities. It also helped me with understanding a bit of what made my previous husband tick.

My very first book, in draft stages, began with a scene that broke my heart. But I knew it wouldn't fly in a romantic suspense book. However, it did help me to understand the villain I created and why he did the things he did...and how he felt justified in his actions. And,I enjoyed having my heroine find her soul mate, just as I did in real life.

With this passion inside me, perhaps there will be a book to come from me which will incorporate some of these insights. Not everyone likes to be frightened by what they read, but a part of me is still that little girl who liked to sit in a circle with her buddies at a pajama party telling ghost stories.

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Alicia Dean said...

I know what you mean, Carol Ann. I've always been fascinated with the dark side of the human psyche, but fortunately, I don't have any horrible experiences to draw on.

I've been accused of connecting to my villains, of making them more 'real' than my protagonists, LOL. Not a good thing!