Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Furry Thief....

As we draw closer to the Christmas season, I've been looking at the ads for Christmas trees. Yeah, hard to believe since I'm the one who refuses to think Christmas until after Thanksgiving. But, we really need a new tree. I'd like to get a real tree because it would be much easier to withstand the torture tactics of our furry thief.

The first year we decorated our artificial tree with beautiful red and gold ornaments, our cats totally destroyed it. They dive bombed through the branches bringing down the red cardinals, the poinsettias, and the red satin balls. Once they knocked it completely down. We kept putting things back on, higher and higher, and the bottom half of the tree was bare. I was so happy to take the tree down after Christmas.

Knowing that cats love red and can see red better than most colors, I decided the next year to decorate with a light blue color. Surely, that would deter the cats. Not!

We had just finished putting the lights and garland on the tree. I'd put a beautiful bird in the top branches and hung a few of the non-breakable balls on the tree, when hubby told me dinner was ready. (Side note: we were having warmed up chili--the only thing he ever cooks!) Only a few bites into the chili, we heard a tell-tale rattle and thump. I knew. I just knew. My tree had been attacked.

Sure enough, the beautiful bird was on the floor along with several ornaments. Now how does a cat see six feet into the air, buried among branches, a bird nearly the same color as the tree?

Yet, sure enough. The damage was done. **sigh** I hadn't even finished decorating before they began to destroy. The culprit? Nowhere to be found. But wait...yes...there he is!

I don't know what we'll do for Christmas tree this year, but I'm sure it will not be without mishaps. I hope I shared a smile with you today.

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