Friday, December 04, 2009

What's Not to Love About Anticipation?

Anticipation drives our world, doesn't it?

As little children we anticipate birthdays. I love to see my granchildren's eyes light up when they tell me their birthday is coming soon! Their faces glow with anticipation of the unexepected.

And Christmas! The entire month of December is one of anticipation. Once the decorations are in place, the countdown begins. Gifts appear under the tree and curiosity drives us to shake, feel, and try to guess what might be inside. For the little ones, Santa represents another anticipation. He'll come down the chimney or somehow manage to enter the house and leave something under the tree. Will it be what they asked for? Or another wonderful surprise?

For me, Christmas represents the birth of Jesus. I anticipate the joy of celebrating that night in history when the shepherds were visited with the good news.

Currently, I'm anticipating the last day of the year when I'll walk out the door of my workplace for the last time as an employee. I'm anticipating what will happen in the next phase of my life. It's frightening, and exciting at the same time.

When I purchase a new book, I anticipate the journey I'll take as I turn the pages.

I realize that for many anticipation means something totally different. Some anticipate the next blow from the hand of another. Some anticipate with dread another day with no food to fill their stomachs, no warm blanket to ward off the cold, no roof to shelter the rain.

There are ways to help. Churches offer food pantrys, free stores for clothing. Firemen and police collect toys and money for children and others in need. And many others.

So, as you anticipate your day today, think about what someone else might be anticipating. I challenge you to open your heart and offer a smile, or a kind word to someone who might need it to get through the day.

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