Friday, December 18, 2009

What's Not to Love About Christmas?

Since we've become empty nesters, Christmas has been a kind of sad let-down. After years of having many children to grace our home, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are quiet and subdued. We go through the motions, but it's not the same.

Christmas Eve is always wonderful because we participate in candlight service at church and drive around to look at Christmas lights. Christmas morning, we empty our stockings and look at the gifts we've bought for each other. We are creatures of habit. We buy candy, a watch, a DVD. We take turns opening the gifts, but our hearts aren't in it.

This year, with hubby being so ill, we've decided not to celebrate with gifts in our stockings. We don't need commercial gifts to celebrate the birth of Christ. We have each other, we have a warm home, we have food to sustain us, and this year we have the anticipation of being able to spend more time together since I'm retiring at the end of the year. We have transportation, enough income to cover our bills, and a wonderful family of children and grandchildren. This year the true spirit of Christmas will live in our hearts.

So, what's not to love about that?

I hope you all have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas however you choose to celebrate.

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