Friday, January 29, 2010

Goals and Rewards

I'm gearing up for a week of intensive writing. My goal is to complete 2,000 words each day or a total of 40 pages. This is really a lot for me. In the past, I've set a goal of 750 words a day. Not sure if I will be able to reach the goal, but if I don't have something to strive for, then what good is setting a goal?

Working alone, the only way I receive a sense of accomplishment is to work toward a goal and then reward myself for getting there.  Now, I need to come up with a reward.  Hmmm. Nothing chocolate or fattening. Nothing that requires going outside...since it's cold enough to freeze my brain right now. I've been wanting to invest in an external hard drive. I think that's what I'll dangle as my reward.  If I complete the 40 pages, then I will go out next weekend and purchase the hard drive.  Now, that's worth working toward.

Goals, you just gotta love 'em!!

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