Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Should Have Known Better

Last night, I pulled a cover from a casserole dish and received a horrible steam burn on the index finger and middle finger of my right hand. I should have known better. I suppose it's called taking a risk or laughing in the face of danger, thinking it won't happen. That was really stupid.

I ran cold water over the fingers and then applied aloe, but the pain kept intensifying throughout our meal and afterward. Finally, I covered the burns with an antiseptic gel and used an oversize bandage to secure the two fingers together. This kept me from bending them and also kept the air from hitting them.

But, it sure is hard to type or do normal things. For instance, how can I put my glove on my injured hand? It just doesn't work. I sure hope the temps don't drop and we don't get another shovelable snowfall.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Maybe I should have let the words I typed remain as the garbled mess they were before I painstakingly kept hitting delete and retyping. Now that would have looked like a code of some kind!

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