Monday, February 08, 2010

Why Do I Do It?

I keep a small stock of my books in my office to use for promotion. When hubby and I were meeting with VA to plead our case, we had a wonderful lady who saw our problem and found a way to help. God had truly sent an angel to help us that day. I had reached the bottom that day, and I couldn't stop sobbing, worrying that my retirement from my day job meant my hubby would be without critically needed health care. My prayers were answered.

On the first day that hubby saw his doctor, we stopped to thank our angel. I asked if she liked to read and her eyes lit up. "I love to read," she replied. I then told her that I was an author and asked if she would like to have one of my books. After an enthusiastic yes, I promised to bring a book next time.

And I did. Actually, I signed all three of my books and took them to her on our next visit. I felt it was just a small token to thank her.  Last week, when hubby and I made another trip to the clinic to pick up some meds, we saw Karen and waved as we passed.

She called out to stop us. "I've been hoping to see you," she exclaimed. "I've been telling everyone here that I started reading FOXFIRE and I love it! I'm half-way through and, honey, you have developed those characters so well. I'm really enjoying it. I can't wait to pick it up again."

So, for all the people who wonder why I write...that's why.

Writing is a lonely business. It's just me and the characters. I might love them, but what about the people who buy my books? When I hear that I've entertained someone and that they, too, love my characters, it's all worthwhile.

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