Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cabinet Ghost

Templeton knows how to play innocent. Hubby was watching basketball upstairs when he heard the cabinet doors banging. Though I was downstairs in my office, I could heart hubby yelling for Templeton to "stop it." Hubby would go into the kitchen and see...nothing. After he sat on the sofa, the noise would begin again. Each time, he'd look into the kitchen and all was quiet.

This continued for several minutes. Finally hubby caught the door swinging open and...inside the cabinet he saw...Templeton. He's learned to get inside and bang the doors and stop when he hears footsteps. That way he can't get caught.

After hubby squirted him with the water bottle (our punishment), Templeton ran downstairs, walked across my desk, jumped in the basket where I keep paperwork to shred and sat there watching television. When hubby came downstairs to tell me what Templeton had done, the innocent cat, didn't take his eyes off the screen.

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