Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cats and Prayer Shawls

I took up crocheting again after many years of abandoning yarn and needles. I've been making prayer shawls to give to friends in church who are facing surgery or hard times. The pattern works up very fast and in the few hours each day that I watch television, I manage to finish a shawl every three days.

The hardest part is keeping my cats out of the yarn. There's just something about moving yarn that fascinates them. All the pictures you see of cats tangled in yarn...they're true! Wilbur is the cat that I have to fight with most frequently. He'll sit on the floor, eyes big and round, while he watches the progress. Then, suddenly, he leaps to the sofa and with one huge paw, smacks the yarn and stops it from moving. He looks so cute and innocent that it's hard to scold him. But, when he grabs the yarn in his mouth, that's where I have to get stern. I'm working on how to write a nice accompanying tag to give with the shawls, and of course, I'll have to include how Wilbur has helped.

I'll try and take a picture of one of the completed shawls with Wilbur and post on the blog for next Saturday.

Have a nice day! Thanks for stopping by!

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