Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Bumped My Toe...Against a Pile of Snow...

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my six month check-up and to have him look at my foot. I've been having pain in my right foot for several months. Most of the pain has centered in the top of the foot above the arch. But recently it's become very painful whenever I bump my toes against anything, which I did two days ago. Yep, I bumped my toes, wearing nice soft snuggly slippers against a small pile of snow. Yeah, I know...that something to smile about! But it really hurt! I've been in pain ever since.

So, the doctor pressed around my toes where they meet my foot and OUCH!!!! He sent me to the hospital to have x-rays.  Tomorrow I should know the results.

But, on a good note, he told me my blood pressure and my blood tests were fantastic!

See, I knew when I quit working the day job that I'd get healthier. Now, that's something to smile about.

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