Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Talking to Goldfish?????

I've always known my hubby has a soft spot for animals, especially cats. When he took early retirement, he spent most of his days with only the cats for company. Consequently, you can hear him say things like "Templeton, are you Daddy's little boy?" The cat responds with a quick "Meow." They carry on quite a conversation. Now that I'm home, I've experienced their long conversations, and I swear the cat understands him. : )

However, the other morning I had a shock. Hubby had discovered the fish tank water elevated. Somehow, the heater had gotten turned up (those pesky fish), so he needed to get it under control. These fish (which I call goldfish with fancy tails) have a special name. My hubby is quick to correct anyone who asks if they are goldfish. These fish are huge! We had one die not too long ago and it barely fit in the net. But I digress. Hubby stuck his hand into the water and one of the fish came up and nibbled on it. When this happens, he is elated. He thinks he's tamed them or something. So I said, "Well, they are hungry and wanted to take a little bite."  I went about my business and then heard, "You are Daddy's little babies. Poor little babies. Daddy will fix the water for you. Come on, come give Daddy's finger a kiss."

Ack!!!!  If the fish ever start talking back, I'm moving out. I believe he thinks he's Daddy Doolittle.

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