Saturday, June 26, 2010

Exercise, Patience, and Writing

I've been wanting a recumbent bike for some time. After reading reviews, I really want one. I need an exercise machine that is low impact and this seems perfect. Plus it will probably help hubby as well. Problem is, I'm not a very patient person and I need to wait until September to make the purchase. Other problem, they are HEAVY and require assembly. *sigh* I need to find one that is already put together and then convince my very strong son and son-in-law to carry it in.

I think riding the bike would be fun to do while watching television or reading a book. It's really hard to read a book while walking on the treadmill. I'd rather walk outside, but the weather is not conducive to doing that.

Hmmm. Looks like fall is going to be my time to exercise. Outdoor walking and recumbent bike. So, for now, I guess I'd better stop buying cookies, chocolate and ice cream. But, oh, they are so satisfying when I'm stuck on finding the "perfect" word for my manuscript.

It's amazing how long it takes to edit. That's the time when I find passages that need ramped up with body language or deep POV. After rewriting, then I go back and read from the previous paragraph or so to make sure it "sounds" good. I can pass an hour editing just a few pages! Amazing. And, all the while that crazy little muse is whispering to me to hurry up and finish. I've been looking for a muzzle that will fit.

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