Friday, July 02, 2010

Fitting it All In Your Suitcase

Have you ever packed for a trip and found you couldn't fit everything into your suitcase? I remember sitting on mine to close the locks because I'd stuffed so much inside. Then I'd find something else to add, and would have to decide how important that item was. I could leave it behind, or open that suitcase and try to find a spot for it, or I could remove something else to make room for the item.

How about your goals for the day? Do you find yourself adding new items, trying to stuff them in the short hours available? Eventually, something will not get done. Just like the suitcase, there is only so much room.

When I retired, I dreamed of sitting at my desk eight hours a day and doing nothing but writing. I envisioned it, I longed for it, and finally I had the opportunity. What I hadn't bargained for were all those daily things that get in the way. I still had a house to run, a husband to feed and care for, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, yard work, and the added challenges of volunteer work for my church.

The eight hour a day dream didn't come to fruition. Some days I sit and wonder how I ever managed to get everything done while I worked a full-time job. What happened?

Some days my suitcase is so full there is no way to close it. Other days, I'm so tired from closing the suitcase the prior day that I leave it sitting open and empty.

The key is defining the important things I need in the suitcase and leaving others behind. That's hard. Especially when an item is something like watching my favorite television show. Something has to give.

I'd always thought that when my children moved out, I would have more time for things I wanted to do. Not so.  Enter the husband.

But that's another story. I'll talk about that on Monday. For now, I have an open suitcase with only one thing inside. I need to go prioritize what to pack today.

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