Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Writer's Confession - Crawling from the Abyss

When tragedy strikes, a person can find themselves at the bottom of a dark abyss without knowing how they arrived. The realization of how far they've fallen arrives with terror--terror that grips with strangling tentacles.

I've been there. It's a hopeless place, dank and confining, like the dungeons where many perished long ago. Chains shackled me to a life of stifled hope.

Yet, I survived. Little by little, one word at a time. Each word became a cathartic stepping stone creating a handhold with which to climb out of the abyss.

The sword which drove me to despair became obsolete as the words began to flow. Then one day, I stood at the top of the abyss. I never looked back, for to do so would be foolish. Instead, my experiences became the fodder for stories.

I am a survivor. I am a writer.

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