Friday, August 06, 2010

One, Two, Three...Whoa!!!

What happens when you have three separate stories running around in your head, screaming for you to write, write, write?

If you've never had this happen, you are probably more sane than me. I have three very different and very compelling to write stories all in various stages of completion. One has a plot issue...or at least I think that's the problem. It may be that I'm just not happy with where the characters took me and I have to learn to work with them instead of what I had planned. Another has great characters that I absolutely love. However, I need to make the plot a little more believable and a little scarier. The third has a frightening plot, so much so that I can only write for short bursts of time and then have to back off.

I thought I'd have trouble writing this way, but I've found that when I get back to each manuscript the story speaks to me and I have no problem working on the next scene.

Does anyone else write multiple pieces at one time? Am I the only crazy writer?

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Clare Revell said...

I have four on the go right now. Each very different although all the same genre. I have no problem keeping each straight in my head - course the notebook helps with basic plot line and character list - and each doc has a working title. The real title is inside on the header. The working title on the 'outside' is the hero/heroine's name so I know who's story is who's. Til he takes over and changes his name mid story.