Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Twin Cousins

My granddaughters, Ciara (left) and Sarah (right)

What a wonderful weekend! There's nothing like being around young, energetic young ladies to lift your spirits. The girls (twin cousins, they call themselves because they have so much in common) came on Saturday and we started our fun day with taking several bags of change to the local grocery store and dumping them in the machine to count and receive dollars in exchange. Our total? A grand-whopping $41.38!! Nothing like a little mad money to have a great time.

After lunch, we headed to Bath and Body Works. Once the girls reached the lip gloss section, they were hooked. I believe they tried every sheer color available. Since they were on sale for buy 3 get 2 free, we each picked one and then I let them pick their freebie.

While they pursed their lips in front of the mirrors, I wandered to the "soon to be released" specials. Surprisingly, even makeup is getting into the vampire craze. I found body lotion for a buck. The "fragrance?" Dark Kiss. The picture on their advertisement says it all. It has a black raspberry scent, so I bought for each of us. We found a display with lotions 3 for $10, so we each picked out one of those.

The girls had a ball!

Next we headed to Michaels (a craft store). There the girls picked out a tote bag, stencils and fabric pens. They wanted to create their own bags to carry when we went out for dinner with Paa-Paa. What did we eat? Deep dish pizza, what else?

They were really cute! Inside? All the treasures from Bath and Body Works, of course.

Sunday morning church and brunch. Then they were supposed to go home. But, they were having so much fun, just like "twin" cousins do, and asked their parents if they could stay one more night. Plans for next sleepover include adding more time to the agenda.

Ah, I don't know who had the most fun...the girls or the grandparents.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow, will you be my grandma?

Sounds like such a fun day!

Carol Ann said...

Jennifer, it was a fun time. I enjoy getting out with the girls and just letting my hair down and having fun being a kid again.