Monday, September 27, 2010

Writing Oneself Out of the Dreaded Writer's Corner

Yesterday, I happily tapped away at the keyboard, loving how the scene played out...and then...I found myself in the dreaded writer's corner. How could I move forward without knowing exactly how local jurisdiction would handle the issue?

That's why I love being in on-line writing groups who have other authors and professionals ready to offer advice. With just a few emails and feedback, I knew how to proceed. One person told me that since this is fiction, if I write it with conviction, I can convince the reader. Yes, that is true. You must be accurate in most things, but human nature varies, and situations vary. Thus, a good writer can set up a situation and make it believable. One can color outside the lines, as long as it isn't scribbling.  : )

When you find yourself backed in a corner, perhaps, like me, you are thinking too hard. Unless you are writing a true crime type of novel, fiction has some leeways. You just have to know how to write yourself out of the corner.

Any of you had the same type of problem? How did you conquer?


Clare Revell said...

I panic. I only belong to one writers group - haven't found ANY my side of the pond. So the only ppl I can ask are the white roses and I can't do that lol.

So i email...the local fire station, RAF base, etc...usually takes ages for a reply - hence my 8 WIP's - but I do get one eventually.

Angela said...

This happens to me several times. If I'm on a roll, I usually just make a note to come back to it for research and move on. I may even write it how I'd want to write it whether it's "correct" or not, and edit it later once I do my research. IMO, if you're writing, you're making progress. Or, if I'm not doing so well writing, I'll stop and look into it then. But if I'm on a roll, I hate to stop. To me, that's the worst way for me to get stuck.