Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long and Dark Days Ahead

The days are getting shorter. I love the change of seasons, but I don't like the short amount of daylight we get. Sunshine makes me feel happy and full of energy. Darkness makes me feel isolated and melancholy. Next weekend we'll be turning the clocks back an hour. That makes for an even earlier sunset.

My routine changes a bit in the darker months. I won't be spending time outdoors tending the yard, which gives me free time. That time will be spent writing, so I'm hoping to get a few books written before the flowers peek their heads through the soil again. And, I'll be spending more time walking on the treadmill, since I won't be getting the outside exercise. Well, until the snow falls!

My question for you is: Do you change your daily routine in the winter?


Clare Revell said...

Still have to be out of the house by 7am. Only difference is its dark when I leave. Hate teh winter. only bright spot is christmas.
like the summer when its not dark til 10.45pm and light again by 3.15am

Linda said...

Hi Carol Ann this is going to sound strange as a response to a post about winter - but I have to change my lifestyle here in Australia to cope with summer. I am up very early, walk very early and then it is in out of the glaring sun. I tend to get lots done inside in the air conditioning. I also do my laundry in the evening and hang it out to dry overnight and bring it in early morning. My medication means I have to keep out of the sun so I just move things around.
I hope you are able to achieve lots of writing and find contentment.
Cheers, Linda.

Carol Ann said...

Clare, I'm with you on the summer long days! I do love the changes of seasons...just wish it could be light longer.

Carol Ann said...

Linda, thanks for posting. It's true that we do have to make adjustments based on seasons in different countries. When I'm experiencing Christmas with the hope of having a little snow, you are probably hoping for a little cooler weather!