Friday, November 05, 2010

You Mean It's Friday Already???

Oh, my, how fast this week has passed. So many things going on. First, the winner of an autographed copy of Laurie Kingery's book was Becky. She has been notified and the book is on the way! Thanks to all who stopped by.

Last weekend began by attending some seminars at our church by Jerry Lucas. Jerry is better known as Doctor Memory. You may have seen him on television where he has shown his remarkable talents of memorizing people's names. He's really fantastic.

We began on Sunday with him showing us how to remember a unique set of numbers from 1 to 10 by using sound-alike words and creating pictures. These pictures were to remind us how to have better family relationships. The one number which is foremost in my mind is six. Six represents a bundle of sticks which I insert into my mouth before I say something hurtful. I have been walking around for days reciting sticks, sticks, sticks whenever I think something negative to stop the words from spilling out of my mouth. I pray for God to help me control my tongue every day!

Sunday night Jerry taught us how to remember lists. His method really works. And then Monday night he taught us how to remember names that are important to us. I'm working on that!

The first four days of this week were filled with "have to's" so that Friday has snuck right up on me! I'm sure Thanksgiving will be here before I can think twice about the menu. And then, Christmas, and "oh no!" a brand new year! I've just gotten used to writing 2010.

How about you? Has this year passed quickly for you, too? Or has it been dragging by? Regrets? Joys? Looking forward to a new year?

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Linda J. Vaughan said...

Hi there - yes indeed this year has gone very quickly for me -I spent the first quarter in hospital and then took months picking up again - but Praise Be - I am alive and well and looking forward to tomorrow - a whole new year of tomorrows.

Yes there have been regrets, but the joys far outweigh them.

Love and hugs, Linda.