Friday, December 03, 2010

A Day for Smiling

Lately I've been in a funk about my writing. Things in my life have been sapping my energy and I've had nothing left to put into the words I write. I went to bed last night looking at a new window opening and path laid out before me through the grace of God. Today, I awoke with a joy in my heart for beginning a new phase in my life.

Today, I'll organize my office into a comforting writing place. I have found the excitement for writing again. It's a new day and a new beginning. With the joy of Christmas only three weeks away, my heart is singing a song that lights my face with a smile.

On Monday, I will be interviewing Tanya Hanson in "the Blog Studio." I hope you'll stop by and join the audience!

If you haven't checked my free fall newsletter on my website, you might be interested in grabbing the recipe I've posted there for a fabulous cheeseball. It makes a great dish to take to parties, or a great gift to give during the holidays.

I wish you a day full of joy and a heart full of love!


barbwhitti said...

I loved hearing that a successful writer has some of the same "cement feet" that I often have for moving back and forth between our beloved writing and real life. Sometimes it's sucks everything last thing away until we want to stay in bed.
Right now I'm fighting winter depression and trying to find something each day to be excited and joyful about.
With God's help I always find something.
Best of luck to your Carol. Thanks for this great post.

Carol Ann said...

Hi Barb, I'm sorry you are having winter depression. I usually find that winter affords me more writing time because of the weather. I don't have to go outside to tend the flower gardens, mow the lawn or rake leaves. So, I have more time to sit at my desk and write. I hope you find many blessings to bring joy to your heart.

Adelle Laudan said...

I am so happy your muse has returned. It would be a crime not to have your words between the cover of another book. It IS a new day, and it IS a new beginning. I wish you all the best.
Happy Holidays!
Adelle Laudan