Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fooling the Good Morning Cat!

My cat, Wilbur, slept with us last night. He sleeps by our feet, but he is so alert to any movements when moring draws near. I woke early to go to the bathroom and slipped back under the covers to enjoy a few more warm moments before the light of day. But, Wilbur decided it was time to wake up. He began by pawing my back and "talking" to me. I remained very still and ignored him. So he walked across me. Believe me, he's HEAVY footed!!

Next, he walked up to my hands and began to rub against them to get me to pet his soft silky fur. Difficult to do, but I did remain very still. Then he put his paw on my nose and sniffed my face. I wanted to laugh...didn't give in.

So he walked to the foot of the bed and sat there staring at me. I cracked my eyelid to see if he might be laying down. No way. He was STARING at me, daring me to move.  It was a classic standoff to see who could hold out the longest.

I waited...and waited. Then I opened one eye and he knew! He hurried forward mewing and began sniffing my nose and rubbing against my hand again. When I didn't respond he stood on me! Then he walked to the other side and RAN back across me again.

I gave up. I can never fool the good morning cat!

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