Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Way Are You Putting Me In That!!!!

Yesterday I helped a friend by taking her and her cat to their vet to get the cat's shots updated. I had taken care of Baby Kitty when my friend went out of town, but it had been a while since the cat saw me. I worried that she might be nervous and hide. If that happened, I knew we'd be in for a struggle to catch her and put her in the carrier. But, Baby Kitty came right up to me and begged for petting. She purred and kept tapping me to get more loving. Finally, I headed out to the garage to get the carrier while Baby Kitty was on my friend's lap.

The moment I opened the door and the cat saw the carrier she tried to escape. Luckily my friend kept Baby Kitty in her arms long enough for me to grab her. It's amazing how cats can use their back legs to keep from being put into a carrier. Baby Kitty used her legs to push against the sides of the cage so that I couldn't push her inside. Talk about strong! So, I decided to try putting her in feet first. Nope! There went those legs again.

Finally, I turned the carrier on end and managed to drop the cat inside and get the door locked. Baby Kitty refused to acknowledge me again until we returned home and I opened the cage to let her out. She allowed me a few apolegetic pettings before she flipped her tail in the air and walked away.

Today I'm typing with a bandaid on my finger, a remnant of my good deed for the day.

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