Friday, April 22, 2011

Contrasts - A Good Writing Tool

Contrasts. What are they? How do they impact our writing?

I look out my window at the rain, the beautiful green grass, the leaves on the trees, plants rising from the red mulch in the garden outside my window...and listen to the sound of my furnace running. A contrast.

When writing, it is good to look for "contrasts" that can be used for foreshadowing. It's a subtle way of instilling a subconscious mood for the reader. Igniting a spark of what's to come. Building anticipation. Building tension.

While writing a scene, think of ways to use the setting as a way to add a contrast. Use your built-in senses to envision the scene. Embrace the sights, sounds, smells, touch, tastes that surround you. Focus on your goal...what you are trying to convey with the scene. Now, using that tap into something you can use to build a contrast.

This is not a tool that you would overuse, but one that can be very effective when used correctly in a manuscript.

Good Friday is here. Words cannot express my emotions. No other gift can compare to the one given on the cross. Yet, this was the darkest day in history, to be followed by the most glorious day of hope and promise--The Resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. What a contrast! What a blessing!

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