Friday, February 03, 2012

Characters Can Appear Anywhere!

Yesterday I met a woman in the veterinarian's office who had a bulky English bulldog on the bench beside her. He was so ugly he was cute. Had the typical scrunched face, was snorting and doing his best to get off the bench and get to me. So, I petted him. Adorable dog. The only problem...according to this lovely woman who was in one of my Bible Study groups, is that he's always horny! She says he humps everybody's leg consistently and she doesn't know what to do with him. Even the vet had no idea how to break him.  All I know is I'm sure glad she was able to keep that huge dog under control!

On the way home, I got a great idea to use this to my advantage and include it in one of my books. I'm thinking it would make a great novella story...maybe something for Easter. Wouldn't it be great if the dog belonged to a Pastor's family?

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