Sunday, July 16, 2006

My first post . . .

Perhaps it's the heat and humidity that have rendered me with writer's block number 5,453,652. I love camping. No one can convince me I don't. What is better than packing up plastic containers of food, pop, and suitcases, lugging them from the air conditioned comfort of the home to the steaming hot truck bed, hooking up the tent-camper, and driving fifty miles to a state park; then unhooking, cranking up the tent-camper, carrying all those containers from the truck, and getting heatstroke from the near 100 degree temperature? Then, ah, what heaven. The roaring campfire in the evening when the temperatures soar downward to at least 87 degrees. Oh, yes, one must always forget the extra long hot dog fork and have to purchase the kind with 12-inch (or so it seems) handles. Next comes cooking those mouth-watering brats over that intense heat.

The quiet of nature greets me after finally relaxing--the sound of children riding their skateboards after dark, the Harleys cruising past the campsite, and the ever-present clanging of horseshoes being tossed at the poles.

So glad to be back home and in the air-conditioning again. Though I did manage to complete edits on all but the last 50 pages of my soon to be published manuscript, Hit and Run. Be watching for it on The Wild Rose Press website!

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