Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Party Time!!

Tommie: Come on out everyone, party time!!

Beth: What are you doing, Tommie? We can't all be out at one time. You know the rules.

Kristin: Who says we have to follow the rules?

Tommie: Rules, smules. It's party time!! The blog owner is busy packing for a trip. She's going to take four days off and we get to take over!

Beth: You can be an incredible dumb*&& Tommie. If she goes, we go. Everyone knows that.

Kristin: Well, maybe we don't have to. I have an idea.

Tommie: Do tell. You wimps don't know the first thing about revolt. Stick with me. I can show you how it's done. After all I work for one of the top covert government agencies in the world.

Beth: And you're full of yourself, aren't you? You think you're so tough, but I know you're all talk.

Tommie: Talk? I'm a woman of action, not just words.

Beth: Then why are you stuck in Chapter three?

Kristin: Ladies, please!!! Stop. This is crazy. The last thing we need to do is fight. You know what happens when things get all heated up.

**a long pregnant silence**

Suddenly the air begins to change. The very essence of it grows heavy, weighing upon the entities floating in the swirling vortex. A chill descends.

Riker: Tommie? Where are you? You know I'm going to find you. You're next. You're the next kill.

Keith: Bethie? I'm coming for you...soon.

Peter: You can't hide from me forever, Kristin. I have the means to track you down, and when I do...


Stacy Dawn said...

LOL...what is it about characters ganging up on us all of a sudden!

I've got three notebooks on the go and just within the past twenty-four hours

Lee Morrison said...

lol, I wish my characters would start talking to me again. Mine have all gone on vacation.