Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Honey, What Have You Done Now???

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Okay, so I came home from work yesterday and hubby was lying on the sofa.

He says: "Did you check out the Kitty Condo?"

She says: "Well, of course. I hopped out of the car with my arms full and said to myself 'I must go into the back yard and look at the kitty condo'."

He says: "I thought you might have looked when you stopped to talk to the cats."

Interjection: We are caring for fourteen feral cats and hubby built a winter shelter for them which is under the deck of our bi-level house. Kitty Condo vs. Cat House.

She says: "All I did was look at the cats sitting on top of our camper and said 'Hi, cats' and then I came inside. What did you do to the condo?"

He says: "You need to check it out."

She says: "Just tell me. Why should I have to walk outside, down the steps, in the near dark to check it out."

He says: "I want you to see."

She says: "What is so important? Why can't you just tell me?"

He says: "I'm getting in the Christmas spirit."

She thinks: Uh-oh. Trouble.
She says: "What did you do...put lights on the cat house?"

He laughs.
He says: "No. Actually I put a Christmas tree on top of it."

She thinks: I wouldn't put it past him. But I'm safe because there's no room to put a tree on top of it. What did he do?

She says: "Puh-lease. Now just tell me. Why does it have to be such a big deal? Just tell me what you did?"

He says: "Nope."

I stomp into the kitchen, open the sliding door, walk onto the screened in deck, open the door and suddenly my legs are surrounded by cats. Lots of cats. I greet them, pet the ones who will let me, then finally weave my way down to the patio.

She says: "What did daddy do to your little house? Let's go see."

I walk around the end of the deck and...

Above the door of the condo is a Christmas wreath, complete with ribbon and pine cones and all I can think is "And they call me the crazy cat lady."

I go back inside and play it off like a true actress.

She says: "Okay. So what did you do? I don't see anything."

He says: "You're kidding. Did you walk all the way around?"

She says: "Yep. I know you painted the trim around the door. I saw that last week."

He gets off the sofa and says: "You're just trying to get even with me now. I know you saw it."

She says: "Saw what? I'm telling you there's nothing new out there. What did you do, put fresh straw inside?"

He walks outside, weaves his way through the cats and down the steps and looks up at me.

He says: "Are you coming down?"

She says: "No. I've already been down there."

He walks to the condo and looks at it.

He says: "If you came all the way down here, then you had to see it."

She says: "Oh, you mean the wreath? Gotcha!"

Ah, life is never dull when you have a husband with a heart of gold and yard full of cats.


MarlyMathews said...

Sounds as if you have one great hubby, CarolAnn!


Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Yes, he really is a sweetheart. He has a compassionate souland he's truly my rock. I'm fortunate.

Emma_Sanders said...

Ahh, that's so sweet! I bet the kitty condo looks great, too!