Sunday, December 31, 2006

How Will You Reinvent Yourself?

That was the message given by our Pastor this morning regarding the new year stretching before us.

Today is the day to reflect back over all that has occurred during the year, and look ahead to a brand new year, a new beginning, stretching before us with endless possibilities. I challenge each of you to step forth into the new year with hopes and aspirations, and a belief that you can accomplish anything you believe you can. Approach the new year with courage and confidence, not arrogance, and take the time to smile at your neighbor. When you see someone who has fallen, extend your hand to them. I guarantee your heart will sing and you will move onward with renewed faith and courage.

I'm excited as I look to the turning of another year. I feel blessed with all that has happened to me during the past year, the good and the bad. Yes, even the bad. For it is through the discouraging and disheartening events that I have learned so much. I've learned that I can overcome even the most frightening challenges, and I can also forgive. In forgiveness, I am renewed.

There are so many possibilities stretched before us in the new year. You only have to step forward and embark on a new journey. Will you learn something new? Take a writing class? Write that novel you've been afraid to tackle?

How will you reinvent yourself in 2007?

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