Thursday, December 21, 2006

Interview with Author Adelle Laudan

Carol Ann: Good morning, Adelle. Thank you for agreeing to be the first author interviewed on my blog.

Adelle: I want to thank you for this opportunity, Carol Ann.

Carol Ann: Well, let's get started. I said you could "let down you hair" in this interview, and I'm serious about that. I was perusing your website where it says you write fabulous fiction with a twist. Can you share with the audience what that means?

Adelle: You are the first person to ask me that question! As you already know, I am fairly new to the wonderful world of publishing. I am still dabbling in many genres. The twist would be my roots in biker fiction. Some might see biker fiction and think about gang wars and hardened men and women in black leather. I write from the REAL biker's POV. You'd be surprised to know that Bikers have romance in their lives too. Most have loving families and would give the shirt off their backs to help someone in need. It is my vision to show the world this side of "Bikers" in general.

Carol Ann: I see. I remember watching the movie MASK with Cher. That movie depicted bikers in a light I'd never seen before. I loved it! Usually we see the bikers as bad guys who are terrorizing a town. That was a great movie, and even that had romance in it. So tell me, what do you feel is the definition of romance?

Adelle: Romance, to me, is an act of love that touches one's heart. It is not necessarily a candlelit dinner or a walk on the beach at sunset. It can be as simple as a handwritten note left in a place you are sure to find it saying, I love you. It's the simple things we can do for the ones we love to show them how much they mean to us. Nothing says romance faster than a spontaneous act that comes from the heart.

Carol Ann: Absolutely. I think you summed it up well. So, I see you are wearing jeans today. Are you a blue jeans or skirt kind of woman?

Adelle laughs: Definitely a blue jeans kind of gal. I've always been a bit of a tom boy. I've been told I "clean up nice." When I do have to wear "girl" clothing, I am counting the moments until I can get out of them. **laugh**

Carol Ann: I prefer comfort myself! I told you this wasn't going to be your average interview. My next questions is--If you learned a distant relative died leaving you the sole heir to an uninhabited South Seas island, what would you do?

Adelle: Good question. I guess I would first off want to visit this island. If it is a place where my family could live, I'd move us all there in a heart beat. Then I would extend an open invitation to some of my closest friends and family to come build on my island, making it a community filled with all those who are near and dear to my heart.

Carol Ann: I can tell from your answer that family and friends are very important in your life. You seem like a very caring person. So, let me ask you this. If you were at a writing convention, and you noticed an award winner, who wins year after year after year, heading to the stage with her long gown stuck in her waistband, what would you do?

Adelle: I'd tell her. This author is a human being first. The little green monster called envy would no doubt think about NOT telling her. **laugh** My conscience would take over and I'd have to tell her.

Carol Ann: Good for you! I like that about you. I know some people who would let her embarrass herself and then gloat about it. So, if you had the opportunity to address the world via satellite, what would you say about yourself?

Adelle: That's a tough one. I guess I would tell everyone that I am much the same as many of them. I'm a Mom, a friend, a lover, trying to leave my mark in the world--doing what I love most, writing. I'd invite them to read my work and hopefully it would touch their hearts in some way. Finally, challenge them all to do one random act of kindness to someone less fortunate. What a joyous place this world would be, if everyone took the time.

Carol Ann: You know, sometimes just a smile can make another's day. We should all think about doing something kind once a day. Thanks for that. So, Adelle, do you collect anything?

Adelle: We have an extensive collection of pigs. Ceramic, glass, metal, stuffed and even a real live pot belly pig named, Jenny.

Carol Ann: How fun! I'm an animal lover, too, but I never thought about having a pig for a pet. One of my cats is named for a pig though. His name is Wilbur. But that's getting off the subject. Everyone imagines writers as people who are on top of the world. But, in reality, writers can get depressed and down, doubting themselves. Who can make you laugh when you're feeling down?

Adelle: My girls. They are perceptive individuals at ages 11 and 12. When they sense someone is down, they come up with the strangest things. It might be a play they make up or a song and dance. One thing is for certain, after a few moments watching their antics, one can't help but laugh out loud.

Carol Ann: How sweet! Sounds like they might have inherited their mom's creative genes. When we are children we aren't afraid to share our creativity, but as we grow older we are less willing to do so. Can you offer any advice to the readers who have a dream of writing, but are afraid they aren't good enough?

Adelle: TRY! If writing is your passion, what do you have to lose? Once you put yourself out there, it is incredible the things you learn through the proces to teach you how to better yourself as a writer. Reach out to another writer you admire for a little coaching if you are feeling inadequate. Most writers are more than willing to help out the newcomer. The main advice is to DO IT!

Carol Ann: So true. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, tell me what you are currently working on?

Adelle: I am currently working on a book called The Iron Horse Rider which will be coming in 2007 to Wild Child Publishing. It is a story about a Biker, a Ghost and a Legend. Of course, there is a touch of romance, as always.

Carol Ann: Awesome! I'm intrigued already. Do you have a website where we can learn about your books and how to purchase them?

Adelle: Sure do. Please sign my guestbook while you're there.

Carol Ann: Great. Now, I can't let you get out of here without telling me a little about the book you currently have out called Juliana, which was published by Forbidden Publications.

Adelle: Juliana is a story of a woman's healing journey after an abusive marriage. It is a contemporary with romantic elements. Juliana finds comfort in the healing ways of the Native Indian and the essences in her garden. Juliana eventually discovers, Love IS Good. I think Juliana borders on that of an inspirational, a book I am sure will touch your heart. In fact, as a way of saying thank you, here's a copy for you. I hope it touches your heart in some way.

Carol Ann: Oh, how wonderful. **hug, hug** You don't know how much this means to me. I, too, was a survivor of an abusive marriage, so I can certainly empathize with Juliana. I can't wait to read it. Thank you.

Okay, now one final question before we say goodbye. As an author, do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword?

Adelle: Yes, I do believe the pen is mightier than the sword. With the written word comes change, or at least the possibility of change. When a sword is used, there is no room for discussion.

Carol Ann: Adelle, thank you so much for being here and answering my questions. I've truly enjoyed getting to know you better, and I encourage all my readers to hop over to your website. Adelle is one author you'll want to read. **hug, hug**

Adelle: I want to thank you for this opportunity, Carol Ann. I wish you much success in all your endeavors. Thanks for the great questions. Happy Holidays!


tootall1121 said...

i was here! hey adelle!

Faith said...

Wonderful interview! As one of Adelle's editors, I can say she is truly a terrific gal, devoted to her fiction, and very talented.

Blogger won't let me log in, so I had to post as anonymous.

Faith Bicknell-Brown

Faith said...

Finally! It went through! LOL!

katherine warwick said...

Great inner! So happy for you, Adelle! I made a ceramic pig once -- it sits in my window now. Very cute.

katherine warwick

Anonymous said...

great interview, and your 1st at that!
Bikers, there is definetly something dark and mysterious about them.
I enjoy stories about them, and there aren't that many Authors who write about them!

Good luck with your career,
Happy Xmas and New Year,

M.E Ellis said...

Hiya Adelle!


Diana Castilleja said...

Great interview Adelle! Keep up the great work and mix that genre bag all you want. I found Juliana to be a very touching read. I'm sure others will say the same.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Adelle!! Happy Holidays!!

Adelle said...

Thank you to all of you who stopped by. Your support means the world to me. Thanks to Carol Ann for having me.

Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night *wink

Scarlett Sanderson said...

What a wonderful interview!

A biker, a ghost and a legend? You have me intrigued!

Scarlett x