Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Out of the Depths, by Valerie Hansen

Currently I'm reading a Love Inspired Suspense by Steeple Hill in paperback. I've been thinking about writing an inspirational romantic suspense, so this line seemed to be the one to read if I wanted to make sure I'm on the right track. I wanted to write the novel as something that could happen to anyone, without trying to "preach." To be a good inspirational novelist, you need to weave a thread of faith throughout the book, but not to the point that the reader is distracted from the suspense and the romance.

Valerie Hansen has a great handle on inspirational romance. OUT OF THE DEPTHS heroine, Trudy Lynn Brown, is struggling to hold onto her piece of land in Serenity, Arkansas. She owns and operates a campground and canoe rental which recently has become the target of vandalism. Her best friend's brother, Cody Kerringhoven, comes to Serenity to stay while recovering from a white-water rafting accident. Trudy Lynn has always had a soft spot for Cody, so when she offers to let him stay in one of her cabins, she must try to keep her personal feelings hidden.

Cody is suffering from guilt. Another man was killed in the accident that has left Cody on crutches. Since Cody was the guide for the white water rafting trip, he feels responsible for the other man's death. In addition, the woman he thought loved him left him shortly after the accident. Disillusioned and harboring anger and resentment, he agrees to move into the cabin where he can be alone with his dog and stop his family from "pampering" him.

Trudy Lynn has a deep faith in God and she believes she can help Cody regain his broken faith and in turn lead him to forgive himself.

But someone wants Trudy Lynn's land and they will stop at nothing, not even killing, if it achieves that goal.

Valerie Hansen is a master at painting the Ozark landscape. I felt myself fighting off the pesky flying gnats and enjoying the quiet lapping of water as the canoe moved along the river. Though I haven't finished this book yet, I'm truly enjoying it and look forward to reading more of her work. If you are interested in a feel good book, I highly recommend it.

I just received my new ebook reader handheld, so now I can start reading some of the great e-books I've purchased. Keep looking because the next book I talk about may be yours!

So what are you reading? Tell me about it, please!

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