Saturday, December 23, 2006

Issue of the Week - Do You Believe in Santa?

Do you believe in Santa?

Every year I read heartwarming stories of small miracles occurring to families who need help during the holidays. Some benefactors remain anonymous, and some are friends or family members stepping up to share a gift because they care. Yes, I believe in Santa.

Santa is a spirit of love, a spirit of giving, a spirit of caring, and sharing.

Today, I took my grandchildren shopping for gifts for their families. While we were wrapping the gifts, my granddaughter asked her cousin if he believed in Santa. His response was a very hearty yes, followed by the reasons why. I piped in and said that I believe. She then asked everyone who didn't believe in Santa to raise their hands. She looked at all of us and no one raised their hands. Then she asked for everyone who did believe to raise their hands. I know she was bordering on whether to believe or not and when we all raised our hands, she then raised hers as well, and a big smile crossed her face. Yes, I believe in Santa.

I believe in the spirt of goodwill, the warmth in my heart, the helping hand reaching out to help others. I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in love. I believe in God.

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