Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Waiting for a Cover is Like Waiting to Give Birth

After spending months and months working on your novel, you finally get it polished enough to send off with a query letter and synopsis. Waiting to hear back is nervewracking. You try not to think about how much time has passed, you chew your nails, and you constantly check the mail or email looking for an answer. Then it comes. You have a contract. You are ecstatic, jumping up and down, telling everyone you know, basking in the moment. Next comes the first round of edits. Now you have to read that manuscript again and perhaps make some major changes. After several passes back and forth with your editor you are told...your novel has been sent in for galleys. Woo hoo! Now comes the waiting period for the galley and the most exciting thing...your cover art.

You've lived with the characters, they are with you night and day. You know them intimately. You know their darkest secrets. How will a picture convey their story? How will it appeal to readers? Will it catch their attention? The anticipation is twisting you in knots. You want to see it. You can't wait. To me this part of the publishing process is like giving birth. You know the baby is are doing your breathing and pushing...and waiting. You are so close to laying eyes on that precious life that you've carried for nine long months. Then, wonder of wonders, the baby is born...

And so is my newest cover! I'm so excited. No release date yet, but I have a visual.

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