Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Cat in the Christmas Tree

Who would ever think a fourteen pound cat could manage to find his way half-way up a six foot artifical Christmas tree? I didn't think it could be done, but hey, maybe I should enter my cat in the Guinness Book of World Records.

I spent Saturday decorating our Christmas tree. Wanted to do something different this year, so I bought all red satin balls, gold ribbon, red and gold glitter ornaments, gold glass beads, and red poinsettia flower piks. The tree turned out beautiful, including the red cardinals at the top. The cats were pretty good all weekend. They knocked a few of the balls off the tree, but since they aren't breakable, no damage done. I hated it when they found a way to dislodge the poinsettias though. Then I had to find the "right spot" to put them back on. Yesterday, we headed to work and I thought I'd come home to disaster...nope. They three cats were angels. Today DH was home from work and he called to let me know the cats were making up for yesterday. He said they knocked about five balls off the tree and had them downstairs. Then while he was eating lunch, he heard a ruckus and found Wilbur with one of the poinsettias between his paws looking all innocent. Then DH started to put it back and found Templeton staring back at him from the tree. Now, the tree is artificial and the cat has no claws! Still he managed to somehow get into that tree and sprawl across several branches. DH finally got the cat out, though it was a major battle. I can just imagine how the tree looked at this point. Figuring that was the worst of it...I came home tired and ready to just collapse. Nope. DH informed me that we had to put the tree into a new tree stand. Why? Because the cats toppled the tree into the corner curio cabinet, broke the old tree stand and I would find a bunch of ornaments on my desk in my now closed off office. **sigh**

Wilbur--The cat with the poinsettia

Took almost two hours to pull those beads out of the tangled branches, hang the ornaments, replace all six poinsettias, straighten the ribbon, then rewrap the glass beads around the tree. Both of us go to work tomorrow...I'm dreading coming home. Maybe I'll lock them up in different closets.
Templeton - the cat in the tree

Charlotte, the innocent one.


Betty said...

So you *really* think Charlotte is innocent? She's probably the one knocking the balls off the tree *grin*

Awesome tale (or would that be tail)

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

You're right!!! And...today someone was climbing the tree again. DH says he's taking the red cardinals off the top since he thinks they are trying to capture a bird. LOL!

robynl said...

Oh I love your kitty cats.

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Thanks, Robyn. They are so entertaining.