Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Winner and a New Tuesday Challenge...

New Tuesday Challenge for this week is:

Write a short paragraph or two about a handsome rodeo bull rider who is tossed from the back of a bull and wakes up in...

Use your imagination and let me know where he ends up and tell me what happens! Have fun! I'll be drawing a winner next Monday for a free download of my Christmas story, LIGHTING THE TREE, and announcing the winner on my blog. You'll have to check back here to find out if you won or not.

And the winner of last week's Tuesday Challenge is...TA DA!!!!

Lesa Bennett

Lesa, please send me your snail mail address and I'll mail your free gifts! You can contact me at cae@carolannerhardt.


Betty said...

Congratulations Lesa!

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Betty, be sure to try this week's challenge. Your name just might be the one drawn from my Christmas mug!

Betty said...

Oh, I intend to :) It's just been a busy week at work and my brain hasn't settled down enough to write anything. :(

But, I read Hit and Run (I got it to review for SRN), so all my time was not wasted :)

Betty said...

Luke Harrison woke up in a bed he knew wasn’t his own. Trying to get his bearings, he started to sit up. He fell back, putting his hands on his head to stop the throbbing.

“What is going on?” he thought to himself.

While he was rolling recent memories through his mind like a movie, Cassie Lynn placed a soothing cloth on his furrowed brow.

“Luke, you’re awake. I thought for sure you would sleep for days after the doc gave you that shot in the bull ring.”

His brow knit together even closer. “Bull ring? I don’t ride bulls, I own them and let those with more experience ride them. What is going on?”

Lesa Bennett said...

"Mama! Mama! Come quick, he's wakin up!"

"Shhh honey, you'll wake the dead."

"But look, he's wakin up. Awww Mama, he's so pretty... He's not hurt bad is he?"

"No baby, he's better now, finally. Maybe now we can find out who the devil he is. Ain't nobody round here gets all gussied up, dressin like some kind of rodeo rider. He's gotta be from somewhere down south, maybe Bear Creek or Elk Ridge. I woulda thought someone would have come a lookin for him by now."

"But Mama, don't nobody know he's here."

"I know that Celia! We've done talked about that. You shoulda never brought him back here."

"Well, I woulda never brung him here if he hadn't been so cute layin there in the corner. He was out cold. It must a been that damn bull. Doris said he had a hell of a ride...till he went a flyin off the rear. Then nobody came to get him and I couldn't leave him there. He was hurt."

"But you shouldn't a brought him here. The girls won't be able to keep it quiet much longer. They're already askin to many questions. We gotta get him out a here. You already knowd not to bring anybody here to stay. They'll be a thinkin he's a...customer. Then they'll want their cut and he ain't done nothin here but sleep. He don't even know he's here. Celia, you gotta learn not to bring home every dern stray you find. What if he's somebody?! His pa might be a preacher or the law or somethin like that and we don't need neither one of them here. It ain't good for business..."

Lesa Bennett said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for drawing my name! I LOVE the book thong and other goodies! :) I really enjoy your blog and the Tuesday Challenge.

Happy New Year!