Thursday, January 18, 2007

Author Interview with Jennifer Mueller

Good morning, Jennifer! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed on my blogspot today. I must apologize if you have trouble hearing me since I have this nasty tracheal infection. If you need me to clarify at any time, just holler!

CAROL ANN: You have written many books, mostly historical romances. Of all your
published novels, which is your favorite and why?

JENNIFER: "Can it be one coming soon??"

CAROL ANN: Of course!

JENNIFER: " A wolf in angel's clothing coming in November is the 13 year culmination of the first story I ever wrote. I started writing it in 1992 and would finish it, put it up and then go back and the next thing i knew i had a new story. Oregon trail story set in 1851 at 90,000 words plus its actually cut down from 120,000 plus. It's the one that got me started in the whole business in the first place."

CAROL ANN: Wow, that's a lot of words. I must confess that I've never written a book with that many before. My first, HIT AND RUN, originally had over 100,000, but was scaled way back. So A Wolf in Angel's Clothing sounds like a historical romance. Romance is a word that has many meanings to people. Tell me what romance means to you.

JENNIFER: "I'm going to sound odd, but when i hear a question like that I always think of when i was in the hosptial in Nairobi, kenya with severe food poisoning and my now husband sat there holding my hand while i shook uncontrollably. The nurses had to kick him out when it was time."

CAROL ANN: That, to me, is very romantic. It's very close to my own feelings about the word. Actually, Jennifer, you've led a very interesting life. I encourage the readers to go to your website and learn more about you. We'll post it for them later. But for now, I have a serious question to ask. Are you a blue jeans or a skirt kind of woman?

JENIFER: (laughs) "Dress clothes now what are those again??? LOL Oh yeah they take up space in the closet and that one drawer i can't get open."

CAROL ANN: A gal after my own heart! I've told my readers that I love to write when my hubby and I go camping. I've got an AlphaSmart that I take with me to do rough drafts. Otherwise, I'm lucky enough to have a nice room I call my writing space. Do you have a special place where you write?

JENNIFER: "i have my little office upstairs that over looks the lake a few blocks away at least for a while longer our house is on the market right now, want to move it minnesota anyone I can put you in touch with a nice house."

CAROL ANN: Okay, readers!Anyone want to move to Minnesota?? (Carol Ann reaches for her cup of hazelnut coffee and takes a sip.) Okay, Jennifer, now let's pretend that you are "deep in the zone" with your latest manuscript when you are interrupted with the telephone ringing. What do you do?

JENNIFER: " oh I just answer the phone."

CAROL ANN: I hate to be interrupted when I'm in the zone, but that darned ringing telephone always draws me, too. I usually check caller ID first and decide whether or not to answer it. You're much nicer than me! So I'm a panster writer. Are you a pantster or a plotter?

JENNIFER: "panster definitely. written murder mysteries where i don't even know who the killer is until 3/4's of the way though the story."

CAROL ANN: Oh, I've done that! It's always fun to see where you characters lead you. So, let's say you take a break and go for a walk. You pass a McDonald's fand decide to stop in for lunch. What do you order?

JENNIFER: "a big and tasty or chicken nuggets. But frankly i'm not much of a mcDonald's

CAROL ANN: I like to find out more about my authors than just what they write. It helps to show the readers that we are just people too. We have our ups and downs, just like everyone else. Who can make you laugh when you are down?

JENNIFER: "my husband usually."

CAROL ANN: Okay, so let's delve a little deeper. You just received a letter from an attorney telling you a relative you barely remember died and lef you the sole heir of an island in the
South Seas. What will you do with it?

JENNIFER: (Laughs and throws up her arms) "What kind of question is that? Move to a south sea island of course and start researching books set in the south seas until i got tired of them and then maybe I'd rent it out to fund my traveling around to see the rest of the world."

CAROL ANN: What a great idea! So, on the writing scene, what's next? Are you working on something special right now?

JENNIFER: "I just finished a story about a treasure hunt in portugal. I'm toying with doing a non-fiction about the two years i lived in kenya while serving in the peace corps, but that might end up an on off project sort of thing. Other tha that though i'm in between projects right now."

CAROL ANN: Where can the readers find out more about you and your books?

JENNIFER: I have a website at that has links to almost anything of mine. I say almost because i still have to google myself regularly to find new reviews, wish some places would let you know about those."

CAROL ANN: Yes, I've been surprised a time or two myself! Okay now for the final question. It's one I ask all authors. Do you believe the pen is
mightier than the sword? Why?

JENNIFER: "Well i'd like to say that it is, but most of the reason i can think of why can be applied to the swrod as well. Those would start getting into a far more philosphical discussion than i feel like right now."

CAROL ANN: (Stands and shakes Jennifer's hand.) Thank you so much. I've truly enjoyed getting to know more about you.

Readers, please take time to leave a comment for Jennifer. I encourage you to visit her site and see all the wonderful books she has available. Til later...


Cherie said...

Thanks for a great interview! I am a fan of Jennifer's books so I enjoyed learning more about her.

Cherie J

Scarlett Sanderson said...

I've reviewed on of Jennifer's books for A Romance Review and I loved it!! Great interview!