Friday, January 19, 2007

Meet the stars of FOXFIRE

Join me Saturday, tomorrow, January 20 at Ann Cory's Storyboard from 2pm - 3pm. Tyler and Grace will be making appearances to share a bit about their background and what is happening in their lives as FOXFIRE unfolds. I'll be giving away a $5.00 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press to one lucky winner. The certificate can be used to purchase any book of your choice, or to be used for Wild Rose Press items in the Cafe. Here's the link.

You can purchase FOXFIRE at The Wild Rose Press website under the Crimson Rose line. It will be available in print form soon from Amazon and from Borders On-line.

Update on my writing:
I've been busy working on Joshua's Hope which is panning out to be what I hope is one of my best books. It's a romantic suspense set in Tennessee (no surprise there). The story is Hope and Jared's. Hope, divorced from her abusive husband, has moved into the home she inherited from her grandmother. The only bad thing resulting from her divorce is leaving her three year old stepson behind, but she has no legal claim. Refusing to give up, she's been devoting her energy to finding an attorney willing to help. When her ex-husband discovers where she's living, he leaves a grisly gift--a dismembered anatomically correct male baby doll. With no other option, Hope decides to take matters into her own hands. What she doesn't bargain on is someone murdering her ex-husband, leaving her as the suspect. She turns to Jared Stone, the sheriff for help.

Ever since rescuing Hope in a downpour, Jared has been interested in getting closer to Hope. She's like a small bird with a broken wing. He senses the heartbreak she hides along with the bruises after her encounters with her ex-husband. When she comes to him with her problem, he wants to help...but he's also the sheriff. He must turn her into the Chattanooga police. If her story is true, she has nothing to worry about...except losing Joshua to foster care. Only one person can verify that Hope left the house before her husband was killed--the nanny. But, the nanny was also shot and is in critical condition.

Then the unthinkable happens. Joshua disappears.

I'm still battling a horrid virus that has kept me down for almost three weeks. It started with a sore throat that lasted 7 days along with a sinus infection. The antibiotic did little to help. Then I began to cough--long and hard and it felt as if my entire throat was turning inside out. After three days, I went back to the doctor. Now I have a tracheal infection. The doctor prescribed a codeine cough syrup to stifle the cough and a 10 day steriod medication for the inflammation of the throat. I sound like an old cigarette smoking broad with deep voice and hacking cough. Ugh! I keep hoping 2007 will get better...but so far not much good has happened.


Marty said...

Your WIP sounds great! Feel better soon...

Scarlett Sanderson said...

(((hugs))) Carol, I do so hope you feel better soon.

Your WIP sounds just like my kind of book! I shall be on the lookout for that!

PrincessBling said...

Great interview! That whole name thing was quite interesting.

Dwan Abrams
Author of "Only True Love Waits"