Friday, February 16, 2007

How to Write a Synopsis

I've always been against writing a synopsis saying that I couldn't write one without having the book written first. I've struggled, taken classes, agonized...and still fell back on being a panster. Lately, I've been getting hung up on "what happens next". So, I decided to write a blasted synopsis.

I did it and shared it with my writing group who gave me wonderful feedback. It showed me the weak points. I've spent several days working on making changes, adding to the plot, creating those all important things, like tension and the black moment, and I now believe I have a great synopsis from which I can create my manuscript. It's just a bit over four pages.
But, I haven't shared with you the most important thing that helped in my success. Wilbur. Yes, that's right, my Wilbur, my big fluffy lovable cat. Well, rather than just tell, I'll show you.


Sonja said...

How cute! What would we do without our little furry children? :-)

Faith said... the kitty!

I noticed you said on one yahoo grou that you're in Ohio. So am I. I live about an hour SE of Wheeling, WV. Ever heard of Beallsville (podunk town) or Woodsfield?

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Hi Faith. Nope, never heard of it, but it sounds like a wonderful place to live. I was raised in a very small off the beaten path community in southern Illinois. Currently I live in Columbus. Been here for 28 years now, so I guess I'm a Buckeye for sure!