Thursday, April 26, 2007

Author Interview with Stacy Dawn

**Curtains raise**

**Audience applause**

**Carol Ann enters from the wings wearing a pair of black jeans, a red silk blouse, and a big smile**

"Thank you so much!!"

**Carol Ann bows and applaudes the audience**

"It's great to be here this morning. Thank you all for stopping by. Every person who came here today will receive an entry into a drawing to win a genuine 18" crystal necklace and earring set. All you need to do is leave a comment and you'll be entered in the drawing. The winner will be announced next Thursday morning. Good luck!"

**Applause, and woo hoos**

"In the studio this morning is a very special guest. She's a dear friend of mine and she's come all the way from Canada to be in Ohio with us. Please give a warm blog studio welcome to...Stacy Dawn!!"

**Applause, whistles, and woo hoos. Stacy enters from the wing wearing a designer gown in sapphire blue.**

CAROL ANN: Stacy, it's so great to see you! Come over and sit with me. What a stunning gown. You look beautiful this morning.

STACY: Thank you! And thanks so much Carol Ann for chatting with me today!

CAROL ANN: I see you have your latest book with you.

**Carol Ann holds it up for the audience to see. The camera zooms in...**

CAROL ANN: This is a beautiful cover. I had the pleasure of reading this book and I can honestly say I enjoyed it so much! It is such a heartwarming, sometimes humorous, story of romance. It played for me like a movie when I read it. Please tell the audience about THE APPLE OF HIS EYE.

STACY DAWN: The Apple of His Eye is about the age old problem of falling for your best friend's girl.

The Golden Rule of Friendship: Do not covet thy best friend’s fiancée.

An easy rule for Shane Gallagher to obey when he first meets Eden, as staid and business-minded as his friend she was about to marry. But when she starts blossoming before his eyes, can Shane stay away from the forbidden fruit?

CAROL ANN: Where did you come up with the idea for this book?

STACY DAWN: I was invited to contribute to this collection of stories by another author. The only stipulation was that the story revolve around the word Forbidden. Well, all sorts of things popped into mind but I left them to the erotic writers and decided to take my own sweet/sensual twist on the story. The first thing that popped into my head was the forbidden fruit. An old song came on the radio, Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield, then a funny little image jumped into my head with a man berating himself for taking a bite of the forbidden fruit and, well, the rest of the story blossomed from there.

CAROL ANN: It's always fun to see what triggers an idea. With you, which comes first: plot or characters?

STACY DAWN: I'd have to say plot because more often than not, an opening sentence will pop into my head and I'll build things around there.

CAROL ANN: I pulled a book from my craft shelf the other day called Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell. Just reading how other authors come up with ideas from books from first sentence, scene, or title is so fascinating. What I've never seen in a book is how to create a title. How do you decide on titles for your books?

STACY DAWN: I like fun titles. I like to make them short and catcy if I can. Most important, they have to 'feel' right. It's hard for me to start a new piece without the right title--quirky, I know but I feel the title can sometimes make the whole story come alive.

CAROL ANN: You write romance stories, but in real life what does the word romance mean to you?

STACY DAWN: Romance is so much more than a simple word. It's an atmosphere, a feeling, a journey. It's not just one night of wine and roses, it's learning to rely on someone else, to trust them--to trust yourself. Romance is a wonderful journey where two hearts learn how to beat in time together. Corny thoughts, maybe, but the fun of romance isn't the end result, it's the exciting and sometimes frustrating path--the first kiss, the first fight, the first moment you realize you can't live without that person. It's knowing someone else knows you so well that they can even make doing the dishes into a romantic encounter.

CAROL ANN: Even your description is romantic. Let's imagine that your life is about to become a movie. What will the title be?

STACY DAWN: **laugh** Um, how about "Catch-up: The Untold Story of a Woman Forever Behind"

CAROL ANN: **big grin** Love it. That could be my movie as well. **both laugh**

Many people think writers live such glamorous lives. Would you mind sharing what a normal day for you might be?

STACY DAWN: Not sure about the word 'normal' **laugh** I have two young sons so it depends on if it's a kindergarten day or not. Both are up by 6am and want to go downstairs to play livingroom hockey before I can even wake up. **audience laughter** After they're fed etc, I usually take an hour to check over my emails and organize what needs to be done for the day (which never actually stays organized--if I get through half the list, it's a good day **laugh**) From this point on it's a balance between playing with the kids and working/writing. I'm really lucky, they are great kids. We'll play together for a while then they let me work in piece for a bit. Lunch, similar routine, different games. I usually like to write in the mornings and then work on the sites for my clients through my author-helper company Jump Start Promotions ( in the afternoon. In between, we'll throw in some laundry or a bit of--ugh--housecleaning. Nights are usually my time because my husband comes home from work and my now three sportsaholic boys will entertain each other or watch whichever their favorite team is play--currently it's the Toronto Blue Jays baseball.

CAROL ANN: Wow, I get tired just listening to you. Speaking of Jump Start Promotions, I've seen some of your work, and it's awesome. What a great service to any new writers who don't know how to begin setting up a presence for themselves on the web. With all the multi-tasking you do, there have to be times when you are tired, stressed, and feeling blah. When you are down, who can make you laugh?

STACY DAWN: My boys, all of them. They're too cute for their own good and have the funniest way of looking at things.

CAROL ANN: Children have a way of doing that. How great that you have such a great family. With everything else you do, do you collect anything?

STACY DAWN: Cows. It started way back when my sister and I were getting our first apartment. I loved this teatowel set with cows on it and from there everyone just started giving me cows. I've got tons. Some of my favorites are my Robin Hoof and Maid Mooian, my motorcycle salt and pepper shakers and my cowelers.

In fact, I brought a few...**Stacy leans behind her and removes items from the table. Camera pans in**

CAROL ANN: Oh, how cute! My daughter used to save cows, too. We bought her books and CDs which were so funny! Anyway, I love these. Especially the Cowelers.
**lights blink**
CAROL ANN: Oh, no. The time has just passed so quickly. I really hate to end our interview, but it looks like the curtains are about to close on us. I think we have time for just one more quick question. This is one I ask all my blog studio guests. Do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword? Why?

STACY DAWN: Yes. Word of mouth alone is a magnificent weapon. I'd say less bloody but, unfortunately, that's not always true either.

CAROL ANN: Thanks, Stacy. **hug** I've enjoyed having you here this morning.
STACY DAWN: This has been fun, thank you so much Carol Ann!
CAROL ANN: Audience, here are the links where you can learn more about Stacy and her wonderful stories. And don't forget to leave a comment and get your name entered in the drawing for the free necklace and earrings.
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Stacy Dawn said...

Thank you so much for having me Carol Ann!

I'm going to add a little thank you to all the commenters today too by picking one name from all who comment to win one of my

Cindy K. Green said...

I loved this interview ladies. It was a fun and innovative format.


Sonja Foust said...

Great interview! Thanks ladies!

Rene` said...

What an absolutely cool interview! It was alot of fun to read and very informative as well.

I think my most favorite thing was the way both Stacy's writing life and home life were discussed. It was nice to take a little peek into both.

I have to say, I LOVE the "Cowellers" Sooooo cute!

Fantastic interview ladies.


Adelle said...

You know I love the motorcycle one lol Stacy, I can almost feel your passion for writing in your words. We are not that different in trying to find the elusive balance between family and writing.
You all need to check out mySpace that Stacy set up for me. Fabulous job!
I wish both you ladies miles of smiles :)

Desirée Lee said...

"Romance is so much more than a simple word."

How very true!

Love the cows too! I have a small cowllection too. *Grin*

Laura Shinn said...

This was a simply wonderful and creative interview! Of all of the interviews I've read in the past, this was the most entertaining. Congrat's, Stacy, on your story and its forthcoming sales...

readingissomuchfun said...

Wonderful Q & A Ladies. TY for posting about this on your blog Stacy. I enjoyed reading this interview :)


Carol Ann Erhardt said...

I'm so glad that new readers have stopped by my blog studio. I so enjoyed interviewing Stacy this morning. She's a wonderful author, and a great cyber-friend. I do interview a new author every Thursday, so I hope to see more faces!

robynl said...

Hi and welcome to a fellow Canadian. I love your cow collection(I came from a farm).
A great interview Carol Ann and thanks for bringing Stacy into our lives.

Marly Mathews said...

Great interview, Ladies! :)


Bebe Thomas said...

Fantastic interview! Love your "talk show" format.

Megan Rose said...

Great interview ladies. And you looked lovely in your evening gown Stacy.

alissa said...

Great interview. Am crazy about the cute cows.

Lee Morrison said...

Great interview ladies!

Stacy Dawn said...

Thank you everyone for coming out to see the show *g*

Now, I've put all the names into my cow cookie jar and pulled one out to win one of my Fun-Stuffed envelopes....Congratulations Sonja! An email is on the way!

Once again, thank you soooo much Carol Ann for inviting me to chat with you!!

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

And the winner of the necklace and earrings is Alissa! Alissa, please contact me off the link on my website and send me your snail mail address so I can send your prize! Congratulations!!

Stacy, it was my pleasure!

Carol Ann