Monday, April 23, 2007

"Old People"

I have a grandson who always manages to say something that cracks me up. Especially since he's always serious. He's always been way to smart. Some of his antics have been so hilarious that I encouraged my daughter to write a book titled, "Another Kody Story."

This past Saturday, I babysat with my two grandsons, CJ and Kody for a few hours. Unfortunately, I had to clean the family room before we could do anything fun. Hubby had finished repairing the ceiling, which included a lot of sanding, resulting in a layer of residue covering every square inch.

So they arrived before I finished. I told them I'd take them out to lunch when I finished with the cleaning. Like great troupers they went outside to keep PaPa company. That lasted less than five minutes. LOL!

"Grandma, we're hungry. When are we going to go eat?"

I told them I would get finished a lot faster if they would help. They both agreed. I showed them how to remove items from the bookshelf, clean off the bookshelf and items, and then put them back. I had window cleaner, furniture polish, paper towels...Kody then said,

"I didn't know old people had so many kinds of cleaning stuff."

CJ, his brother, then said, "Well, Kody, some of them want to have clean houses so people don't think they're dirty."

I'm still laughing. I took them to eat and then to the park. While they played, I sat on the bench enjoying being "old people."

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