Monday, April 09, 2007

Changing and Rearranging

What fun with the new blogger to be able to change the look with the click of a template. So now I'm into blues, which kind of mirrors the color of my website. I know there is a way to make this look just like my website, but, alas, I'm not adept at that kind of remodeling.

I was thinking about how I used to change furniture around in my house. I used to love to rearrange the bedroom furniture and the living room furniture. The rooms just felt cleaner and it was like getting a new face lift! Then, I learned that my husband detests change! One night he came home and made the comment, "It's a good thing I don't drink or I'd think I got into the wrong house." And he was serious. It must be something in his childhood. **shrug**

So, I resigned to never moving the furniture in our house. In fact, I rarely ever change the drapes or curtains. It's boring, boring, boring.

Therefore, I change what I can. The things that are mine website, my blog.

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