Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Power is Within

My Horoscope for today: Whether you realize it or not, you just passed a major milestone. Are you surprised that it was much easier than you thought? Your long-cherished goal is clearly in sight thanks to all of these recent experiences.

When reading that, I thought hurray! Then I began to think about it. How easy it would be if our fate truly lie in someone's interpretation of the stars. But in reality, it doesn't. The responsibility lies within us--within the decisions we make along the way. So if I have made the decision to change a few things in my life regarding exercise and writing goals, and I've taken the first step, then the first sentence makes perfect sense. I have just passed a major milestone. It was my decision to make the changes that will result in positive change.

Was that easier than I thought? Well, sure. Procrastination can hold one back. Putting things off just one more day leads into another, and never making a change. So telling myself that I can do it, that I will do it, then doing something about it--no matter how small--is easy. And makes the next step easier, and suddenly I'm making strides in positive change.

My long cherished goal is in sight thanks to the recent experiences. Well, sure! And looking at that last sentence as I plod along one day at a time is motivation to continue on.

Inside each of us is a little voice that whispers "you can't", and when we listen, we procrastinate. But if we tell ourselves we can, then within us lies the power to succeed. Setting realistic goals is the first step to success. Don't expect it all to happen overnight. That's not realistic. Keep grounded and looking forward, stuff a sock in the naysayer's mouth, and believe in yourself.

If there's one thing I learned from being in an abusive relationship, it's that I am worth it. I'm not a piece of dirt. I'm a human being, I'm God's creation, and if I believe in Him, all things are possible.

Over the past six weeks, I've been taking the first steps toward living a more healthy life. Now I'm adding a new layer. And I'm moving forward. I'm like the little train that wouldn't quit, but I don't just think I can...I know I can!

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Emma_Sanders said...

This is very inspiring. I'm cruising the internet because I'm tired after a long day of work and I don't feel like writing. We humans can do anything we set our minds to. Thanks Carol Ann!